Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Front Door - Day 1

We worked all weekend on the front door. I thought we would be closer to having it complete, but it looks like we will be working on it again this weekend.

Saturday morning, after breakfast and tea (we both gave up coffee temporally), we took the door off the hinges. We set up our work area in the garage and got right to work around 9am. First we started to strip the paint using this product.

We applied with a paint brush, waited 15 mins and started scraping with a putty knife. They do make specialty scrapers for this type of project, but we didn't invest in the tool.  We applied two coats of paint stripper in order to get most of the paint removed. Since we were going to be painting it again (as opposed to staining), we didn't need it to be perfect. 

It is a very messy process and since it took so long to accomplish just one side, we decided that the exterior exposed side of the front door would only be getting sanded instead of stripped. The exterior side of the front door is in much better condition anyhow, so I am glad that we could avoid this process.

After stripping, we gave the door a nice smooth sanding before painting.  The door looked like this before we started to paint.

In addition to stripping the door, I also started working on spray painting some of the hardware. All the hardware in our house is gold and I am working on phasing it out to either oil rubbed bronze or silver. For the front door we decided on oil rubbed bronze so on Saturday I worked on spray painting the hinges in between working on the door. My set up looked something like this....

I usually use an old box so that I can stand up the screws.  I let the hardware sit in the direct sun so that it would dry faster. We needed to get our door up by the end of the day so it was critical to have the hardware dry. Usually I would allow 24 hours to set, but we didn't have that much time. Around 6:30pm it was dry enough to go go back up for the day.

Tomorrow I'll post about day 2 progress.


  1. I can't wait to see how this turns out! So exciting. Even more excited to see it in person in just a little over a week!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Linda! When you come back to California you'll have to come visit.