Friday, June 22, 2012

Creative Closet Organization

Since I have been on a roll with Maddie's room this week, I wanted to also show you her closet. It's a MESS!!  I find it hard to part with her baby items, whether it be putting them in storage or donating, so they have been accumulating in her closet for way too long. Her closet was quite literaly exploding at the seams. I couldn't even open the doors without toys falling to my feet.


I started by taking everything out of the closet. I went through every toy, stuffed animal and clothing item.  I donated some, others went into storage and some were relocated. I ended up putting her toy box inside the closet and after sorting, most of her toys fit inside of it. The bulky toys were set on the other side within easy reach. Because I put the toy box in the closet, I had to take the green closet organizer out. Both wouldn't fit. The organizer was most useful for storing shoes and since it is gone now, I put the shoes on the top shelf.


After I organized the closet, the stuffed animals just didn't fit back inside. My first thought was to get rid of most of them, but many of them have special meaning and she loves to play with them so I couldn't do that.  I came up with the idea of storing the stuffed animals in a basket and I found one I liked at Babies R' Us. All of them fit in the basket except a couple that I didn't mind parting with.

So far the basket has worked out really well. Maddie can now reach all her stuffed animals by herself and play with them whenever she likes. It is also easy to clean up which is something any mother can appreciate.

Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!

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  1. It looks great. You are a cleaning and organizing maniac!