Friday, June 22, 2012

Creative Closet Organization

Since I have been on a roll with Maddie's room this week, I wanted to also show you her closet. It's a MESS!!  I find it hard to part with her baby items, whether it be putting them in storage or donating, so they have been accumulating in her closet for way too long. Her closet was quite literaly exploding at the seams. I couldn't even open the doors without toys falling to my feet.


I started by taking everything out of the closet. I went through every toy, stuffed animal and clothing item.  I donated some, others went into storage and some were relocated. I ended up putting her toy box inside the closet and after sorting, most of her toys fit inside of it. The bulky toys were set on the other side within easy reach. Because I put the toy box in the closet, I had to take the green closet organizer out. Both wouldn't fit. The organizer was most useful for storing shoes and since it is gone now, I put the shoes on the top shelf.


After I organized the closet, the stuffed animals just didn't fit back inside. My first thought was to get rid of most of them, but many of them have special meaning and she loves to play with them so I couldn't do that.  I came up with the idea of storing the stuffed animals in a basket and I found one I liked at Babies R' Us. All of them fit in the basket except a couple that I didn't mind parting with.

So far the basket has worked out really well. Maddie can now reach all her stuffed animals by herself and play with them whenever she likes. It is also easy to clean up which is something any mother can appreciate.

Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Art for Maddie's Room

Once I completed the chevron art project (read about that here), Maddie's room felt like it needed something else above the rocking chair and next to the door.

I happened to be shopping at Home Goods and came across a piece of art that might work. It was in the clearance rack for $10 due to a small knick on it. Not being completely sold, I tossed it in the cart expecting to be returning sometime later this week. However, now that it is up, I like it and it is going to stay.

As for the knick, I don't even notice it. And what makes this art perfect, is that Maddie learned to sing the song. To me, there is nothing better than the sweet sound of my daughters voice.

Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Chevron Art

It is all the craze these days to have chevron art. A couple weeks ago, we visited my sister-in-law in Carlsbad and she motivated me. And when I say motivated, I mean she bought all the supplies so all I had to do was show up and get my craft on. Thank you Nic! If not for her, I don't think I would have ever accomplished this project.  Our DIY chevron art project went something like this.

We started out with a blank canvas. Our canvas was 16"x20".

Next we had to draw out our pattern. This part was challenging for us to figure out, but once we completed the first canvas, the second was easy.

First, find the center of the canvas and draw a line down the middle. Then we drew a line every 3" on center after that. It looked like this. (You can change this to every 2" on center to make it more zig-zaggy or 4" on center to make it less zig-zaggy.)

Next we had to draw the horizontal lines. We again found the center of the canvas and drew a line down the middle. Then drew a line every 1" on center. It looked like this.

The next step is to sketch out where your chevron stripes will be. We alternated a 2" stripe then a 1" stripe.  It looked like this.

We then used 1" painters tape to fill in the stripes.

 We applied three coats of Martha Stewart craft paint in Pink Carnation, satin finish.

Once that was dried, we pulled the most of the painters tape off except where we wanted to make one sparkle stripe. We used Martha Stewart craft paint in Cotton Candy, glitter finish. We applied about 4 coats of the sparkle paint to this stripe.

Once that dried, we then had to hand trim to in with white paint to get rid of our pencil marks. We applied about three coats of Martha Stewart craft paint in wedding cake, satin finish.

Finally, for the reveal......

If you are interested in doing a project like this, here are all the supplies that you will need to complete this project (plus a canvas). 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Front Door Day 2

Day 2 of the door was not as exciting as the first. This is because we realized that this was going to take a lot more work than we wanted it to.....sounds like every home improvement project right? We got right to work around 9am. We spent another hour with the putty knife and sander just to get the little spots off that you don't really notice until you get rid of the bigger spots.  Once completed, we started to paint. Remember, we are still only working on the inside of the front door!



Three coats of paint and we are done. Umm...just kidding. Nothing could ever go that smoothly. When we peeled off the tape from the windows, some of the paint came with it. It looked like this.

This meant it was time to get out the smallest paint brush I could find and trim in.

This didn't take as long as you would think. Maybe 10 minutes at the most. I didn't worry to much about getting it on the window since I can use a razor blade to scrape it off once it dries. 

This is how it looks today.

Still need to get out a razor blade and scrape off the paint. It looks like this up close.

Our paint color is Swiss Coffee by Kelly Moore Paints. We used a semi gloss to match the rest of the trim work throughout the house. 

To see what happened on Day 1 click here. Day 3 coming next week.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Front Door - Day 1

We worked all weekend on the front door. I thought we would be closer to having it complete, but it looks like we will be working on it again this weekend.

Saturday morning, after breakfast and tea (we both gave up coffee temporally), we took the door off the hinges. We set up our work area in the garage and got right to work around 9am. First we started to strip the paint using this product.

We applied with a paint brush, waited 15 mins and started scraping with a putty knife. They do make specialty scrapers for this type of project, but we didn't invest in the tool.  We applied two coats of paint stripper in order to get most of the paint removed. Since we were going to be painting it again (as opposed to staining), we didn't need it to be perfect. 

It is a very messy process and since it took so long to accomplish just one side, we decided that the exterior exposed side of the front door would only be getting sanded instead of stripped. The exterior side of the front door is in much better condition anyhow, so I am glad that we could avoid this process.

After stripping, we gave the door a nice smooth sanding before painting.  The door looked like this before we started to paint.

In addition to stripping the door, I also started working on spray painting some of the hardware. All the hardware in our house is gold and I am working on phasing it out to either oil rubbed bronze or silver. For the front door we decided on oil rubbed bronze so on Saturday I worked on spray painting the hinges in between working on the door. My set up looked something like this....

I usually use an old box so that I can stand up the screws.  I let the hardware sit in the direct sun so that it would dry faster. We needed to get our door up by the end of the day so it was critical to have the hardware dry. Usually I would allow 24 hours to set, but we didn't have that much time. Around 6:30pm it was dry enough to go go back up for the day.

Tomorrow I'll post about day 2 progress.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bedside Table Lamps

You may have noticed that I move things around the house constantly. One day a picture might be in one room and then the next day it might be in another. I will continue to do this until I find the right spot for something and then it stays put. Everything needs to have a place in our house. Although sometimes finding its place can be a challenge.

For example, our bedroom used to look like this.

And then I moved the lamp to living room once I bought my pia-side-table-look-a-like.

Once I moved that lamp out of the bedroom, it was looking a little bare. Like when when you clear all the Christmas decorations out of your house. This feeling sent me searching for a replacement.  I came across these lamps at Pottery Barn called the Alexis Ceramic Table Lamp Base. They were on sale for $99 each. 

I bought two hoping it would help make the room feel more symetric. That small window on the left really throws the room off, but it does add in lots of natural light during the day which is nice.  I'm thinking some wall art behind the lamps would be good, but I'm in no hurry. I have been working on the front door for the last few days and I'm excited to show you how it is coming along. Posts on that coming soon!