Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Painting Frenzy

I mentioned yesterday that I had to do some touch-up painting around our latest project, demolition of the granite breakfast bar.  Well, I created a much bigger project for myself then I intended, which has me in a painting frenzy. Originally we had painted our dinning room some shade of white like this.

Yesterday, I decided to change that and paint it the same the color as the rest of the house. I know, big risk taker on the paint color. What can I say? I like neutral paint colors.  Anyways, so off to Home Depot I went and bought a gallon of Snip of Tannin. 

Here is what I accomplished yesterday.

I still need to trim into the baseboards. 

And the corners near the ceiling.

And then I thought I could use some of the paint I just bought and use it to touch up some marks and scuffs throughout the rest of the house. Sounds reasonable right?  The same color and the same brand of paint. Nope, wrong. The paint isn't matching up exactly and now I have marks like this.

Today I will be finishing up the dining room and then figuring out what to do with the touch-up paint. Anyone else have this same experience?

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  1. The end table makeover is terrific. Good work!