Thursday, May 3, 2012

Miss Madilynn's Room

I wanted to share with you our daughter's room. She just turned two. She is our only child for now and a little bit spoiled because of that. Her room was the first thing we tackled when we moved into the house because we wanted the adjustment of moving to go most smoothly for her. Here is what it looked like when we bought it.

Pretty scary looking right? In order to make the room a place for our little girl to play, sleep, grow and make memories in, here is a list of what we did.

1. Re-textured all walls
2. Primed and painted entire room, including closet, trim and doors
3. Installed new carpet over hardwood floors
4. Replaced all outlets and light switch
5. Replaced light fixture
6. Decorate!

Decorating is something I have a lot of fun with. I love Pottery Barn Kids and was inspired by their catalogs. I would buy everything from them if my husband would let me. I used their rooms as inspirations, but didn't buy everything from just one store. We were really lucky when it came to furniture because mostly everything was passed down to us. We got the crib from an old work client who was getting rid of his, and the dresser from my Mother-in-law's garage.  This allowed us to splurge on the fun stuff. The theme I went with was blue and pink and this is how it evolved.

A view as you walk in the door.

The dresser is a heirloom passed down from my husbands side of the family. Originally it was his Grandmothers. My husband and brother-in-law refinished it for Madilynn before she was born.

This rocking chair is also an heirloom passed down from my Grandmother. They refinished it and gave it to Madilynn on her second birthday.

Probably my favorite toy in the house!

Window sill decoration.

Where she sleeps.

And no little girls room would be complete without some bling! 

Like everything in our house, it is a work in progress. I am on the hunt for some art work for her walls, but thought I would wait until I figure out her big girl bed and new bedding first. For now, she is happy to call this her room. 


  1. I see you got your the remaining kitchen set! It looks so good honey! xoxo

  2. Where did you get that chandelier? I have been on the hunt for the perfect inexpensive piece for my little girls room and I LOVE that one!

    1. I bought it from Pottery Barn Kids. It is the Mia chandelier. Go here to take a look: