Monday, April 16, 2012

Master Bedroom Progress

Let's take a look at the progress going on in our master bedroom. Remember what this room looked like before we moved in?

Here is a refresher.

It was really bad.  The house was unoccupied for several months prior to us moving in and in desperate need of TLC. The walls were extremely dirty with hand prints and film. The window sills were yellow. The blinds were caked with dust and grime. The hardwood floors had urine stains and rot. The outlets and light switches were original to the house and a brown color. 

After months of work and sweat, here is what we have done so far:

1. Refinished hardwood floors. We went with a stain that was 80% walnut and 20% ebony.

2. Removed old base board.

3. Painted walls. We used a color called Dolphin from the Martha Stewart Collection. It's grey on the swatch, but looks more light blue in our room.

4. Painted window sills and trim. We used a color called Swiss Coffee from Kelly Moore Paints. 

5. We took out the closet doors and installed a wire rod with a white sheer curtain panel. It makes the closet easily accessible and softens the feel of the room.

6. Disinfected wood blinds with TSP solution and reinstalled.

Here is how it looks today.

Here is our list of what we still need to do:

1. Install new base board (we ripped out the old, but haven't put in the new's sitting in the garage).

2. Install crown molding.

3. Replace light fixture with either a smaller fan, chandelier or recessed can lights.

4. Finish paint touch ups. 

Progress is happening! 

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