Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Master Bedroom Baseboards

This weekend was crazy productive for us.  I'll start with the master bedroom because last week, I wrote about the progress happening in there on this post. Remember this list of things left to do in the master?

1. Install new base board.

2. Install crown molding.

3. Replace light fixture with either a smaller fan, chandelier or recessed can lights.

4. Finish paint touch ups. 

Well, we accomplished two more on the list and can now cross off item #1 and item #4.

Pretty much everyone has some form of baseboard in their home, but until you live without it, you can't really appreciate how much it adds to the look of the room. Here is what it used to look like.

Our walls also had patches of wall putty on them like this.

We had to clear the room of everything inside, which turned the guest room into a hoarders paradise..........................my worst nightmare.

Luckily it was just temporary and now our master bedroom looks A LOT better. 

Back to normal!

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  1. It looks amazing.

    I worship the picture of maddie putting the stuff on.