Thursday, April 26, 2012

Entry Way Revamp

I mentioned earlier this week that we had a busy weekend. In addition to installing new base board and painting our master bedroom, we also revamped our entry way.  It used to look like this when you walked in the front door.

Pretty boring and everyone always asked what I planned on doing with the doorbell niche. My thought was that if everyone had to ask about it, then it needed to go. 

When we moved in, we installed a wireless doorbell and really didn't have the need for this niche anyhow. I know some people say it gives charm and character, but for me it just made the house look dated. To help us fix this, we called the help of my amazing, wonderful and handy Dad. We bribed him with dinner and wine he showed up with tools in hand. Here is how to frame in a doorbell niche.

Step 1: Frame in the niche with wood.

Step 2: Cut drywall to fit hole and attach with drywall screws.

Step 3: Tape

Step 4: Apply mud over the tape.

Step 5: Let dry and then sand.

Step 6: Apply joint compound while matching existing texture on wall. Luckily for us, my Dad re-textured all the walls before we moved into the house, so he was very familiar with the texture we used. If your wondering, we used a texture called "imperfect smooth".

Step 6: Let dry and then sand again. This is a very messy process. Lay tarps down and be prepared to dust tirelessly for the next couple weeks.

Those two dark patches are spots where the texture hadn't dried yet.

Step 7:  All that is left to do now is a coat of primer and then 1-2 coats of paint. Our paint color is called Snip of Tannin by Kelly Moore Paints.

Here is the final product. I hope you like it!

The work never ends. We will soon be tackling the front door, so stay tuned.


  1. I see Maddie has gotten into the spirit of the home improving process... So adorable :)