Monday, April 9, 2012

Backyard Renovation - Part 4

Part 4 - Fountain and Landscape

This is the last post under the Backyard renovation. Finally! It has been done for a few weeks and surprisingly no plants have died. In fact, they have grown. I have never had much of a green thumb before, but it seems my luck has changed (RIP G.G.)

Step One: Find the right fountain. I don't know if I would have picked this style of fountain if I hadn't had help. My Mom and landscape designer encouraged me to find one that had a basin that sat on the ground. I wasn't sold until I saw it person. Then I was able to envision Maddie (our daughter) splashing around in the water.

Here are some other fountains that I liked.

Step 2: Find the right plants. This would have been nearly impossible for me, except I happen to have the most wonderful friend, who, thank God, is a professional landscape designer. Love you Prav Design Studio!! A portion of her fee includes going with you to pick out plants. Worth every penny if you ask me. It could take an amateur like me weeks to scan through all the plants at a nursery. I tend to be a little impatient so I probably would have just picked the plants that I liked and then put them wherever I felt like it. Not even considering things like, how many hours of sun will the plant be getting? What I have learned is that it is important to take your time during this process.

Step 3: Plant according to instructions and complete with a layer of bark. Bark can stain your hands, so be sure to wear a pair of gloves. 

Here are some more before photos, just in case you forgot.

And here are the after photos.

I like to float fresh camellia's in the fountain.

The project is done and I want to know what you think!

To see Part 1 (Panning and Preparation) go here. To see Part 2 (Concrete) go here. To see Part 3 (Irrigation, Electrical & Sod) go here.


  1. Everything is very beautiful! I especially like the flowers floating in the fountain. Good Job!

  2. I'm impressed, both with your work on the house and with your very nice blog site!

    1. Thank you Al! I really appreciate it!

  3. it looks amazing Jessica! all that hard work paid off (: beautiful!!

    1. Thanks Hailey! Now you need to come visit us when you move back. xoxo

    2. Who are you? Camellia Floater!! I love you!