Monday, April 23, 2012

5 Reasons to Have Indoor Plants

We were cleaning out the garage last weekend and were trying to clear up some of the clutter. My husband kept telling me, "If you aren't using it, then get rid of it". So when he came across a perfectly good pot for an indoor plant, I had to "use it".

So off to Home Depot I went to look for an indoor plant. I found what is called Spathiphyllum plant or Peace Lilly and bought it. There are a million different indoor plants, but I picked this one because I liked the way it looks. 

More than just some nice greenery in the corner, it provides much more. Did you know that having indoor plants actually provides you with some benefits? Here are 5 reasons why you should have an indoor plant (or more) too.

1. Plants remove airborne pollutants. Common household items such as furniture, carpet, etc., produce toxins into the air. Plants can significantly reduce the amount inside your home within 24 hours of planting.

2. Plants can reduce headaches and allergies. A study from The University of Agriculture in Norway has found that indoor plants can reduce headaches, sore throats and dry skin by up to 30%.

3. Plants act as a natural humidifier. Plants release around 97% of the water they take in.

4. Plants can make you happy. Studies show that people who care for plants have an improved mood.

5. Plants improve air quality in your home. Remember 7th grade science? Plants need carbon dioxide as part of photosynthesis to produce food so they can grow. Unlike humans, who produce carbon dioxide when they breathe, plants release oxygen. By adding some plants into your home, you can actually increase oxygen levels.

Happy Monday everyone!

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