Friday, March 30, 2012

What is my design style?

I think about this question a lot. Now that we are settling into our house, I am trying to make it a place that reflects our style and is comfortable to live in. I thought this would be so easy when I dreamed of owning a house one day, but it's not. It is a lot harder and I find myself overwhelmed when trying to make a decision. Trust me, this is a good problem to have and I am enjoying this challenge. So to help myself out, I decided to take a couple design quizzes online and see if I could find some answers.

First, I took a quiz on the HGTV website and found that my style is called Romantic. Then I took another quiz on the Ethan Allen website and again was told my style was Romantic. So there I have it, a name that represents my style.

I am currently trying to put out living room together and I thought I would try and make my first mood board. I used a website called . It was fun and super easy. I would recommend trying it out if you haven't already.

Here is what I have so far.

What do you think?


  1. I do like the rug. It would look really organic with all the rectangular shapes. Can't you find a fake one though? MOOOOOO

    1. I promise I won't make you sit on the rug when we have movie night! Cows get killed for beef anyways so think of it as recycling. lol

  2. Nice look all around - perfect vase for the coffee table, too, as long as it doesn't get in Maddie's way! Love the end tables - they look modern and would add a touch of accent - not too much - and functionality.

  3. It's a great look and adding fresh flowers to any room adds that special "Romantic Look". Good job Girl!