Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Finding the perfect curtains

I never knew it would be so hard to find the perfect curtains when I dreamed of decorating our first home. Now I understand. I have purchased curtains several times times and each time I get them home and put them up only to be disappointed.

When we bought the house, this 3 panel patio door had skinny wooden blinds for each panel. No matter if they were open, closed or rolled up, they were always in the way.  So instead of looking at the back yard, you are standing there looking at these wooden blinds that really weren't in that great of shape. This is not good for resale and not good for a perfectionist like me, so down they came. The goal is to open the house up and draw the eye to the backyard making the house feel bigger than it really is. Off to work we go, painting the door white (everything used to be yellow) and spray painting the hinges and the hardware (they used to be gold) with Rustoleum Antique Bronze spray paint. We learned of the idea from http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/08/how-you-like-them-handles/. Our handles were the same gold color and in about the same shape as theirs was.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, but this was before I knew I would be blogging about all this.

Now, to get to the main topic for this post, I have purchased a 2nd set of curtains for this door and yet again find myself not happy with the overall look of the room.

The first set. A silk panel from Bed Bath & Beyond. Too frilly.

The second set. The dotted trellis dove curtain panel from Crate & Barrel.  Too busy.

The only curtain I have bought and plan to keep are these sheers from Potterybarn.

I am now moving on to the idea that I am going to have some made. Off to the fabric store I go!


  1. I like just the shears... It's soft and romantic!

  2. I think the curtains compliment with the color of the house. I think you made it just right.

    1. Thank you! They should be done this week so I hope to have a finished product up soon.