Monday, March 26, 2012

Decorating the Fireplace

Having a fireplace is great. But now that we have put a lot of money into it, we need to make sure it remains a focal point. This process is a little overwhelming. How do I pick the right items to put up there?...That stand out and set the tone for the room?....That represents my style?.... I could go on, but I think you get the point.

For me, I was out shopping one day and came across the venetian beaded mirror at  Restoration Hardware. I saw it and was immediately in love with it. I had to have it and new that it would be a perfect fit for the fireplace. Once I found that piece, the other decorations have started to come together.  I still need some other pieces, but like the mirror, I will know it when I see it.

My advice when decorating a fireplace, is start with one item that you love and let the rest evolve. From an interior design perspective there needs to be a focal point (ie- a photo, clock, mirror or object) and balance (within the context of the room and on the mantle).


  1. Yes, I love it. I am still getting over the dramatic before and after.

    But, as you have witnessed the craziness over at the Prav house, it is an ongoing obsession that may never be fulfilled.

    ........and I feel like you need these>

    They say they are no longer available ...because they are practically free at the outlet . GO GET THEM!

    Maybe you are already there and that is why I have not heard from you today!

    1. Your are right! I will probably head over there sometime this week or maybe this weekend to check it out.