Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Backyard Renovation - Part 1

Part I - Planning and Preparation

The backyard of this house had been neglected for months, possibly years, when we finally moved in. There were vines of all kinds growing on the house, on the fence, on the ground, on the pergola and just about everywhere in between. We decided to redo the back yard rather quickly because summer was approaching and we wanted to be able to enjoy ourselves back there.

These are the best before pictures of the back yard I have. The piles on the ground are just a portion of the vines that we took down. I hope you believe me when I say, "the yard was much, much worse!"

First step: We Contacted a local landscape architect to help us organize our ideas and give us a plan. We contacted Angela at Pravettoni Design Studio who helped us put together an AMAZING set of plans. If you don't have the money in your budget to hire a professional, then I would suggest measuring  every dimension possible in the yard. You will want to know not only the dimensions of the yard but the house as well, including windows and doors. As my husband likes to say, "Plan the work and work the plan".

2nd step: Lay out the plan and make sure it fits the space as you intend it to.

3rd step: Demolition. My husband and his friends had a 90 lb jack hammer and it sill took 2 solid days to finish.

4th step: Lay out again and be sure to make any changes now.

To see Part 2 (Concrete) go here. To see Part 3 (Irrigation, Electrical & Sod) go here. To see Part 4 (Fountain & Landscape) go here.


  1. Since I have seen the finished project, which is fabulous... It is hard to believe it ever looked this bad and even worse.... Great Job Joe and Jessica..Mamma Loves :)

  2. It is aaaaaawesome!

    I love all the before pics of the house. I saw it, but because you have done so much so quickly, I can not remember it. You have made such an insane transformation in such a little amount of time that I can not get over it.
    I can't wait to see more posts. Even though I see it in person all the time, it is really different when you archive the transformation like this.

  3. Where are the photos of the finished project? I didn't see the Part 2 photos.

  4. I know Julz.....I gotta post them. I am working on it now. xoxo